Who is James Chester Reynolds? Father of Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is considered the sweetest and most skillful man in the Hollywood industry. Dead pool 1 and 2, The Adam Project, X-Men Origins, Free Guy, and Red Notice are some masterpieces of his acting skills

James Chester Reynolds: Who is Ryan Reynolds’ Father?

James Chester Reynolds was the late father of famous Canadian actor and film producer Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Reynolds is also an entrepreneur.

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Mr. James was a strong man. At a young age, he served in the police department then and at the end of his years, he bravely fought Parkinson’s disease.

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Quick Facts of James Chester Reynolds


Name James Chester Reynolds
Famous as Father of Ryan Reynolds
Profession Police officer
Birthplace Vancouver, Canada
Wife Tammy Reynolds
Children Four
Parents Chester Ambrose Reynolds & Helen long
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Date of birth August 3, 1941
Date of death October 25, 2015
Death cause Parkinson’s disease

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James Chester Reynolds Personal Life

James Chester Reynolds was the brave father of the inspiring actor, Ryan Reynolds. He was born on august 3, 1941 in the house of Mr. Chester Ambrose Reynolds in Vancouver Canada. He belonged to a political family.

James started his career by providing his services to the royal Canadian mounted police. This hard-working man started food wholesaling after retirement from public servicing.

The great-father of Ryan Reynolds married Tammy Reynolds; they lived a very sweet successful married life. They had four children; Ryan is the youngest one. Ryan’s childhood was under great pressure.

Father & Son Relation

Father & Son Relation
Source: abcnews.go.com

He faced many problems at an early age. “There were so many things untold between us”, he unleashed in his interview.

Stressful childhood causes many complications in that cute future star’s life, as hurdles are for man’s polishing. The same happened with Ryan, and he became a superstar. James Chester Reynolds had an extraordinary sense of humor. That urged his son to get into comedy. He also helps him a lot in developing Ryan’s interest in acting.

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Cause of James Chester

James fought with Parkinson’s disease for about two decades, but this strong man didn’t lose his heart and played his battle till his last breath.

He left his four sons and wife, Timmy Reynolds, on 25 October 2015 in a hospital bed at the white rose, British Columbia, Canada. At the time of his departure from the world, he was 74.

He didn’t talk about his disease to anyone. In 2008 Ryan revealed his worst health condition, so people came to know about this strong father’s bad condition.

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Ryan Reynolds (Chester’s Son) Biography

Ryan Reynolds Career and Personal Life
Source: latimes.com

In 1991 Ryan Reynolds started his career in teen soap, he brilliantly played his role as Billy Simpson.
His Mind-blowing acting skills and dedication to his work made him popular.

And he got twelve (12) awards in honor of extraordinary acting skills. According to Wikipedia, he is one of the highest-grossing actors of all time. His gross is about $5 billion at the box office.

He dated many celebrities in the past, but the relationship ended with mutual understanding. Ryan Reynolds has three daughters with Blake Lively. They married in September 2012, in South Carolina. Nowadays, he is enjoying the best time with his sweet family.

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James’ Son Almost Died While Skydiving

At the age of 19 Ryan was thrilled about skydiving. On the day of his twelfth leap experience, the sweet day transformed into the worst day, when after leaping he realized that the parachute was not working.

For a moment, he lost his senses and couldn’t find what to do. Thank God! He rapidly takes his mind in control and goes for an alternative parachute bag that he already had. This horrible incident terrifies him, he still keeps away from this stuff.

Ryan Stops Doing Stunts

In the beginning, he used to perform all his movie stunts himself. He is as brave as his father, so he does not hire any stuntmen. But after the movie “Safe House”, his doctor advised him not to do stunts, as it was cautious for his physical health.

This was because he got injured during a stunt performance. This accident caused the breakage of many vertebrae. After this tragedy, he stopped doing stunts and hired two to three men for this.

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Ryan Rodney Reynolds’ Relationships

James’ son has dated a lot of celebrities.  He dated well-known Canadian singer Alanis Morissette and also American actress Scarlett Johansson.

James met Blake while working on the Green Lantern film. They started dating in October 2011 and married in South Carolina on September 9, 2012. 

Net Worth of Chester Reynolds

James was, no doubt, a great personality. He did a lot for his children’s upbringing and their good future. As he is no longer so, estimation or any clue about his net worth is not known to anyone on social media.

But his son Ryan Reynolds, who is a great actor, film producer, and entrepreneur, has a net worth of $150 million. He makes handsome cash flow through his acting career and movie productions.

FAQs about James Chester Reynolds

Is James Chester Reynold alive?

No! He is not alive. He died on October 25, 2015, due to Parkinson’s disease.

Is Ryan Reynold the only child of James Chester Reynolds?

Rayan Reynold is not a single child. He has three siblings, and Ryan is the youngest one.

Is James Chester Reynolds an American?

Yes! He had American nationality.

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